Anne Marie Segal, Esq., is a corporate, investment management and executive employment attorney who brings results coupled with personal service. Law Office of Anne Marie Segal advises entrepreneurs, executives, fund managers, start-ups, businesses and individuals throughout Connecticut and New York. The firm also serves a select client base nationally and internationally.

With over four years as a corporate associate at a top-tier international firm, seven years as Deputy General Counsel to a well-regarded private equity and hedge fund adviser, and her more recent experience upon return to private practice, Ms. Segal offers her clients a combination and level of insight and advice that is hard to find. Her practice areas include business law, contracts and employment arrangements.

The range of agreements that Ms. Segal has tackled during her law career is both broad and deep, including fund formation documents, shareholder agreements, stock purchase agreements, operating agreements, employment and severance agreements, consulting agreements, purchase-and-sale agreements, ISDA and other trading agreements, term sheets, loan and security agreements, leases, licensing agreements, vendor agreements, customer agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements and other business law documents. She also has experience drafting essential internal corporate policies for businesses and non-profits.


Ms. Segal assists early-stage businesses with incorporations and the business launch process in Delaware and other key jurisdictions. From the certificate of incorporation, bylaws and corporate minutes to shareholder and founders’ agreements, Ms. Segal can assist new corporations with critical legal aspects of the launch process. In addition, she can help clients evaluate and create other forms of entities such as limited liability companies and limited partnerships and create agreements to reflect founders’ respective rights and obligations to the company and their fellow founders.

At times, clients have come to Ms. Segal after working with another attorney or service provider to put their business in order after receiving poor advice or trying to launch without legal input altogether.


Traders and portfolio managers (current and emerging) have also called on Ms. Segal’s expertise in the private equity and hedge fund world to help “get their arms around” what would be involved in launching a fund or teaming up with an existing fund manager. Often this involves a series of strategy sessions on a legal consulting basis and review of agreements such as term sheets or limited partnership agreements, depending on the stage of negotiations. Ms. Segal is also available to team up with other fund counsel to create a fund formation package for a client.

Fund-related clients often seek out Ms. Segal because of her long tenure in-house at a private equity and hedge fund manager, which gives her a unique perspective among lawyers, as well as her affordable rates as a senior attorney.


As we know, not all businesses are successful. When the time comes to end the company, it is important to “do it right” so that the owners do not find themselves with unexpected residual liability. Clients have called on Ms. Segal to dissolve businesses as part of an overall exit strategy or due to a move or change in the business structure.


Executives, consultants, managers and business owners all know that the key element of any successful organization is its people. Documenting these relationships is an art that spans the nature of human relationships and the strength of applicable law.

Ms. Segal assists employees and companies with executive and other key employment agreements, consulting arrangements and non-competition (non-compete), non-solicit, work for hire, confidentiality and indemnification agreements.

In addition, Ms. Segal has helped professionals and other clients ask the right questions when buying into a business or other arrangement, whether as a partner, shareholder or member of an LLC.

On the other side of the table, she has advised clients who have been presented severance agreements by their employers, whether as part of an employment package while still employed (with advance terms of such arrangements and contemplated payments) or at termination.


Ms. Segal works with clients to create, review and improve their agreements with customers and vendors. Often these are the agreements that provide life to the business, evidencing how an individual or organization buys or sells its primary goods or services.

Clients may request review and negotiation of individual contracts or take a comprehensive look at some or all of their existing agreements to ensure that the provisions work together to achieve the client's goals and mitigate the relevant risks. With substantial experience devoted to business arrangements and transactions, Ms. Segal has drafted and negotiated hundreds of legal documents over her career that span a wide range of legal issues.


Law Office of Anne Marie Segal is based in Stamford, Connecticut, on the top floor of the Marriott Building. Her office address is 243 Tresser Boulevard, 17 th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901. At a client’s request, Ms. Segal can also hold consultations or on-going client conferences at premium meeting space in Greenwich (Connecticut) as well as Rye Brook, Harrison, Scarsdale, Mount Kisco or New York City (New York).

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